Launch Date: April 2018

Compliant with Mexico's National Development Plan 2013-2018 (Plan Nacional de Desarrollo), the Mexican Platform for Voluntary Sustainability Standards adds on to the objectives established for the country’s sustainability landscape. Particularly, it falls under the IV.2 Action plan, which contributes to Mexico’s production potential. VSS being included in this plan shows that advanced of sustainable growth is crucial for the development of Mexico.

The Mexican Platform was launched in April 2018 as a result of the joint collaboration with the Mexican Government, the UNFSS and the German Institute for Development Managing Global Governance program.

General Bureau of Standards (DGN)

The General Bureau of Standards (DGN for its initials in Spanish) constitutes the responsible governmental entity overseeing the national standardization processes and conformance assessment procedures. Its mandate includes coordinating the development and dissemination of national standards, the registration and monitoring of standardization national bodies and Mexico’s participation in mutual recognition agreements on the matter.

Beyond Mexican borders, DGN serves as the focal point to (1) collaborate in the articulation of international standardization schemes, (2) enable information and expertise sharing among national and international institutions, (3) participate in collaborative arrangements contributing to best regulatory practices and (4) add to the international economic dynamism.


Steering Committee led by the General Bureau of Standards attached to the Ministry of Economy.

Multi-Stakeholder Committee integrated by:

  Governmental agencies

  National standardization bodies

   National certification bodies

   Representatives from private sector industries

   Civil society


Activities on VSS

 Engage multiple stakeholders in the dissemination of VSS

 Raise awareness on Mexico’s sustainability prospects and their advancement in the light of VSS implementation

 Survey relevant actors within various industries on VSS integration activities


Ms. Sofía Pacheco Niño de Rivera
Director of Standardization and Foreign Affairs
52296100 Ext. 43244

Website of the Mexican National Platform


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